Summer is heading into fall now and if you thought your vacation on the island was over, well
think again. We have so many winter activites on the island you can enjoy,  vacationing here
in the winter is almost as great as the summer. We do not get the same amount of snowfall that
the rest of Canada does. Yes we do get some snow and some wintery weather, but all the
better to snuggle up in a warm cottage on the beach with a fireplace while you enjoy the incredible Salish
Sea View.

Winter storms are impressive on the oceanfront with the waves really strutting their stuff
on occasions. And the lap of waves is great for soothing your soul when you need a getaway.
Winter events include skiing on Mt Washington, snowboarding, christmas festivals and light
festivals, tubing on the slopes and if you want to come down from the snow filled peaks, there
is still kayaking, trails and yes golfing too.

Plan your winter vacation on Vancouver Island at the Qualicum Breeze Resort