A new year is upon us and hopefully filled with joy for all. The biggest event in the area was the Polar Bear Swim and maybe recovering from too much New Year’s Eve celebratory refreshments.

Do you ever wonder who started the Polar Bear Swim in the first place and why? A lot of people seem to enjoy plunging themselves into the icy depths on New Year’s Day. I am not so sure that I would want to, but different strokes for different folks. This is an older article that you may find interesting.

The story behind Vancouver’s Polar Bear Swim

And if you don’t feel like the icy plunge, bundle up and go treasure hunting on the beach. Yes, there are gems to be found. Take a look at the Tidal Treasures page here for some awesome finds. Bundle up though, it has been a bit chilly here lately. Highs of 3 degrees right now.