Seeing the Killer Whales is always an awesome event, they are so majestic but did you know we also have many species of whales in the area such as Minke Whale, Humpback and Gray Whale. Also, many porpoise including the Dall’s and Harbour plus the Pacific White Sided Dolphins.

For more information on each type visit here.

You can also visit the most recent sightings map  so you can see where they are and if they are visible from the shoreline. You can also report sightings

If you would like to see them up close and personal with whale watching tours or even grizzly bear tours check out the tour dates and tours available here 

Did you know British Columbia has banned Grizzly Bear Hunting?  We LOVE our wildlife and you will too! Remember to always use common sense and be respectful of wildlife wherever you encounter them.

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